About us

Hi I'm Niki!! 

    I'm the face of Hayes Grace home and decor.

    I'm married to an amazingly sweet and incredibly handy man named Donny. He is the guy behind all the prep cutting and finish framing that you will see here. Without his love and major support, starting Hayes Grace home and decor would never have happened. He was the one who encouraged me to finally take the leap to following my dream. 

    I'm a mom of two... Walter "Wally" Hayes is my youngest. He is a very silly yet sweet little boy. He keeps us on our toes and is all boy!! My oldest is Henley Grace. She is super creative like her mama and loves to decorate as well. She is strong willed but has a very kind heart. They are the reason for the name Hayes Grace!! 

    I am always dreaming up creative ideas to change things in and out of my own home. I am constantly decorating and re-decorating and if I'm not I'm writing down or drawing ideas that I want to make a reality. I also have a passion for helping others with their own homes. Nothing makes me happier than to see them excited about something you have helped them create. 

    My goal for Hayes Grace home and decor is to eventually expand from making signs for you to incorporate in your own home decorating. I would love to add other decorative pieces such as pillows, throws, rugs, shelves and clocks, baskets, faux plants, vases and much more. I think you get the idea!!


I can't wait to share all my future plans with you. For now though you will see me creating some adorable signs and in my down time I'll be watching HGTV or re-runs of friends, playing or watching movies with my kiddos and constantly laughing with my hubby.